Terms and Conditions

No Data No Charge

Once authorization is given to proceed with a recovery, if we are not able to recover the requested data, we won't charge you.

Device Condition

The end result of successful data recovery is to have all data from the damaged device (patient device) transferred to a new storage device, not to restore the patient device to working condition.

We will return the patient device to you in its current condition after recovery.  Though we essentially have to repair a device in order to provide data access, many times it takes specialized equipment to keep it stable while working with it.  Regardless of the condition of the patient device after recovery, it should never be considered reliable or used again as a storage device.  The only exception to this is a device that has had data accidentally deleted from it.

Device Shipment Risks

Please take care to pack your device according to our shipping instructions. We are not responsible for any damage that happens while your device is in transit.

Illegal Content

During the normal course of data verification, if we encounter content that reasonably appears to be related to acts of terrorism or sexual exploitation of a minor, we will immediately contact local law enforcement.